Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom for a Successful Resale

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The Lehigh Valley is buzzing with real estate options. When buyers tour homes for sale, a bathroom can make or break potential buyers desire to purchase a home. For some, the number of bathrooms can be the number one factor; they must have a master, a family bathroom (full bath) and a half bathroom (powder room) for guests.  

When remodeling your bathroom for resale it’s a great idea to start by making of list of all the things you would change or upgrade if you had the bathroom of your dreams. Once you establish a budget, you can then pare down the list to what is affordable and of course feasible to accomplish in your bathroom space.

So how much should you spend? A new bathroom, to gut and refurbish, can cost up to $20,000 depending on that “wish list” you made. You’ll have to make some decisions on how the upgrade to the bathroom will add value to your home and ensure that it sells quickly. Most buyers want to buy a home that is move in ready, this includes amazing and modern, up to date bathrooms.

Once you have established the budget, you’ll want to contact a professional. The professional will be able to establish a project plan with costs and timelines. 

Ultimately, you want buyers to envision themselves in your bathroom. But you should enjoy the space while you’re living there and include the fixtures and features that will make the bathroom comfortable for your lifestyle. 

For resale, focus on the visuals: nice tile, nice colors, nice fixtures and don’t spend a lot on the high-end utilities because most people won’t be able to tell the difference.

Consider the following tips for remodeling with resale in mind:

  • Talk to real estate professionals. Check out comparable homes in your area. How many bathrooms do they have? Do you need to add a half or full bath to be competitive? Talk to realtors and find out what bathroom features turn on buyers.
  • Think timeless. Choose neutral colors for a clean look that will last a long time and can be personalized with accessories (towels, etc.).
  • Add a wow factor:  We’re talking wow within reason. Buyers will remember the bathroom with the heated floors; it gives them an emotional tie. Hand showers are convenient, cost-effective and an upgrade compared to the traditional shower head.
  • Accessorize. A fast yet effective refresh in the bathroom can involve simply switching out towels, replacing an old shower curtain and including an interesting piece such as a beautiful vase. The presentation can also make a huge difference. Roll towels and place them in neat rows on an open shelf. Keep clutter off vanity countertops.
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