5 Tips for Decorating Like a Stylist

Published by Topher Gabellini on

Give your home a trendy update with these simple and chic decorating ideas!

  • Fresh Inspiration: Go through top magazine, books and images on line and create a wish board for visual references. Choose strong modern images that sum up your personal style.
  • Little Touches: A simple accessory can update your space. Fresh flower arrangements in grouped vases, accent pillows with trendy quotes on them in bright colors and funky throw rugs can elevate your design style to the next level.
  • Blend styles and Eras: Have fun with home accents, mix colors and textures. Shabby chic is just one example of how your mix up those styles to present a hip new space.
  • One-Offs: Invest in one unique and special piece. These items can be an excellent conversation starter and can show off your vibrant history skills.
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