5 Tips For Picking The Perfect Lighting For Your Foyer

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Proper lighting is key to any room. Lighting that is less than comfortable or inadequate can make a room less enjoyable. Different rooms have different specifications and require different planning. Your entrance to your home is your first impression. Lighting can make all the difference. 

Below are 5 tips to pick the perfect lighting for your foyer. 

  • Size Does Matter – Knowing the proper size and scale of the light fixture you want to use is important. Having a piece that is too large for your entrance can be overpowering or look bulky or a heavy cloud over you. The flip side of this is if the entrance or foyer is grand so should your light fixture. Don’t allow your fixture to overpower the room. 
  • The Finish Of Your Fixture Matters – The finish of your light fixture should coordinate or work with the rest of the room. Knowing how you will furnish the area is important when selecting your lighting. 
  • How Is The Space Furnished? – If you have art on the walls take into consideration highlighting those pieces with your light source and your light fixtures. Using secondary or indirect lighting to accentuate your art or dark areas is your best option. 
  • Don’t Forget About Human Scale Lighting – This is lighting that is scaled specifically for those in your home. Table lamps and floor lamps are great pieces for any entry way. Make sure it’s functional. Lamps with no purpose is a disservice. 
  • High Ceilings = Many Fixtures. If you have a high ceiling think about putting in more than one hanging fixture. Multiple fixtures at varying heights can make your space really pop! Be careful when applying this technique to not make the fixture overwhelming. 
  • Low Ceilings = Close and Minimalist. A low ceiling can be a problem when trying to pick out an entrance way lighting option that doesn’t look dated. Create something minimalist and make sure you pick the correct color temperature of the bulb. Adding some additional color filters can make the low ceiling have an incandescent feel. Ask your design professional about different color options and temperatures. 

These are just a few tips when choosing your home’s foyer lighting. Make a statement and make it safe. Provide ample lighting without losing your interior style. 

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